Hi! Thanks so much for visiting!I'm Lori, the owner and designer of Lily + Jude! And that in the top middle is Waffles (we think he's a pekingese-dachshund).

I started Lily + Jude in the spring of 2012 with an Etsy shop and have worked with clients all over the world. We started out with DIY printables and have since developed a passion for more than just the design and typesetting of invitations. With calligraphy trending everywhere, you see so many styled sets of stationery. And that's what brought me here, after the initial concept is designed, it's on to pulling together the paper, envelopes, liners and extras that is so much fun – and then photography, of course!

Stationery isn't my only passion. I'm a graphic designer – and over the last ten years I have designed anything and everything. Throw in a children's book or two and there you have it. I currently work for Midtown & Cary Living Magazines and that keeps me pretty busy! Lily + Jude is my way of pursuing the many projects that do not cross my day to day.


When I'm not working the day job or making new designs for the shop, I'm trying new recipes (preferably ridiculously Southern), downing coffee, playing fetch, painting pet portraits, jamming out to 70's hits and obsessing over penguins.